Tonight I think my life was made, I saw the early november.

I’ve been following these guys for… About 7 years, since high school. Their music got me through pains, troubles, whenever I felt like shit, even when I’ve been into girls! But tonight was amazing because I finally saw them and they put on a damn good fucking show. I screamed my tits off and did not give a fuck about anyone around me who probably thought I was weird for screaming their whole show. On top of seeing them live, I got to meet ace as well as their bassist sergio and although Ace I’m sure was in a rush, I told him what I wanted to tell him which was that their music has been there for me and my mate for about 7 years. Still listen to their stuff even today.

On top of that, I got one of their drum sticks because a nice crowd member gave it to me cause I think they saw me screaming lyrics to pretty much every one of their songs. Also, got their CD + drum stick signed

So, thank you to the early november for making tonight one of the most amazing nights of my life so far. Please come back soon.

  1. jasonfnsaint said: That’s killer, man. I’m glad you had a great time!
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